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  • Heat mapping of potential risk places in near by area
  • Notifying you about how safe you are while you are out of your home
  • A Simple questionnaire which will protect you and your surroundings from the potential risk levels
  • About updates for relief from pandemic


  • Display of User's Safe Hours points
  • Leader board rankings on basis of Safe Hours point in your locality
  • Statistics of the World over the pandemic
  • A live dashboard with state-wise analysis and highly interactive graphics

Payment Methods

  • Pay a monthly subscription to make use of the app
  • Take Exclusive Ownership
  • Get a Sponsorship model

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The location tracking layer stores the last known location of each mobile user till half an hour, as well as user risks will designate where the mobile user has been. These are stored in two layers: Last Known Locations (within 30 min) and Colour Tracks. The layers have identical schema, including attributes for activity, location time stamp, user current risk colour, safe hour points, no. of days at home and device ID.
You will get notified in all such instances. Switching off GPS or Internet does affect the tracking part. You will still get all the data once the user comes Online.
Location tracks are stored in database. With ownership-based access control enabled on the location tracking layer, users can only see their surrounding users and locations in a certain fixed radius. Other users can see your risk colour on map and anonymity of the user identity is maintained.
Mobile users turn tracking on and off in the Tracker for the app. While it's on, their location is recorded whether they are using the app or it's running in the background. On Android, a background service tracks the mobile user even when the app is closed. On iOS, if the app is closed, tracking can be automatically restarted in the background without user interaction if a significant location change occurs.
Yes. To make location tracking a prerequisite for an user to track on the risk map. The social distancing will only be able to clock in once location tracking is enabled for the app on their smartphone. If its off, as soon as users moves out of his home location (as pinned initially), the notification is pushed to turn on the GPS tacking in order to avoid risky places.
If you are using an iPhone or android, you may see a notification like the one shown below. D safe uses the phone’s location 'in the background' to ensure accurate clock in and clock out times. And when geofencing is enabled on your account, D safe can use background locations to recommend nearby risky sites to clock into. Admins do not have access to user location data when user is off the clock. The GPS points shown in this notification are not the same GPS points admins see in D safe when user gets clocked in, it only validates the risk levels of any user and that gets stores and displayed.

We respect your privacy and we take precautions to protect your data.

We collect minimal data from you to provide our location tracking service. We collect your D safe account data, questionnaire answers, device information like device ID/name and model, and your geolocation data. We don't collect your name or other sensitive information. We don't store your location history for more than 30 min.

We protect your data in your device. The D safe mobile app collects location data from your tracked device. We encrypt your location data when transmitting from your device to our server. We then delete this data from your device once data transmission completes.

We protect your data online. Data access is protected by an account authentication process. Only account holder who knows the account credential can access to your own data in your account. Other users cannot access your data unless you have opted in location sharing, such as a public URL, embedded map, or delegate account.

We protect your data offline. Your account and geolocation data are stored in our secured database. Only if agency needs the information to perform a specific job is granted access. The server in which we store our database is hosted with an authentic web service in a secure environment.

We don't share your personal information with any other third parties. We don't serve ad on this web site or in the D safe mobile app. All out-of-date geolocation data is removed from our database

For users from the European Economic Area or Switzerland, we adhere to the Privacy Shield Principles with respect to protect your personal data. For details, see our privacy policy.

Safe hour points are allotted for the time user tend to stay at home. The more time you are at home the points you collect and it tells your safety levels among your nearby users. A localized leader board is there which displays top 10 ranker with maximum safe hour points in our home location locality. This could be shared by user at social media platforms .

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